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Orders and product access

How can I change the e-mail address of a user?

A WordPress user has an e-mail address and a user name.

When DigiMember creates user accounts, it assigns the e-mail address as the username. Users then log in with their e-mail address and password.

If an e-mail address is changed at the payment provider, it is not automatically changed to DigiMember.

To change the e-mail address in DigiMember (i.e. actually in WordPress), edit the user under Users - All Users - where you click on the "Edit" button for the user.

The e-mail address can then be edited under "Contact Info".

The login name of the user cannot be changed in WordPress. This means that the user continues to log in with the old e-mail address. Notifications from WordPress will be sent to the new e-mail address.

How can I change the password of a user?

You can change a user's password, just like their email address, in the WordPress Dashboard under Users > All Users.

This is because DigiMember uses the WordPress user mechanism and for each order a user is automatically created on your WordPress installation.

Remember to inform your customer about the password change accordingly if necessary.

Assign products manually

You can assign products manually using the following options:

Administration of DigiMember

Administration - DigiMember - Order - Add order.

Create own page with shortcode

  1. create a new page. Page must only be known to you. It is best to choose a long and "encrypted" name in the title e.g. "eud33wwb43x" or set to password protected in the page settings.
  2. include the ds_signup shortcode as content of this page with the DigiMember icon.
  3. call up the page and assign the product to the customer via the e-mail address
  4. as soon as the page is no longer needed, delete

Sell several products at once

Selling several products at the same time, i.e. with one purchase, can be realized in the following ways:

  1. sell DigiStore24 and as further packages Add-On, e.g. also at a reduced price
  2. create a combination product with the contents of the desired products.

How can I give a product to an existing or new member?

How to give a product to a member:

  1. go to DigiMember - Orders.
  2. click on Create above.
  3. enter the email address of the new or existing member If no account exists for the email addresses, one will be created.
  4. select the product.
  5. Click on Apply changes.

What does DigiMember do if a subscription/cancellation/return/return debit is cancelled?

If a customer

  • cancel a subscription or
  • cancels an order or
  • a return debit note is made (e.g. a "debit note return" or a "chargeback" of a credit card payment)

then the payment provider (such as Digibank24 or Clickbank) sends an automatic notification to DigiMember.

DigiMember then blocks access to the product.

DigiMember does not block any accounts - so the login is still possible afterwards. However, the user can then no longer access the product pages.

To verify that an order has been properly cancelled in DigiMember, please follow the steps below:

  • go to DigiMember - Orders in the WP admin area
  • in the search field at the top right, enter the buyer's e-mail address (or the order number) and click on search
  • the red symbol will then be displayed on the cancelled order (and not the green tick ) The customer can still log in to the WordPress blog despite cancellation.

If the customer can still access the content, the content was not assigned to the product. Content that is not associated with a product is considered "public" by DigiMember. To resolve this, go to DigiMember - Content in the admin area and assign the WordPress content to the appropriate product.

Note: If a customer cancels his subscription and his payments are stopped by Digistore or manually via "Suspend Payment" function, he can still use the product until the next payment is due.

How does a new member get his access data (e.g. after a purchase)?

After payment, the payment provider will notify DigiMember fully automatically. This is done invisibly for the buyer via a so-called IPN (= Instant Payment Notification). DigiMember then creates a WordPress user account for the buyer and sends the access data to him/her by e-mail. You can edit the e-mail with the access data in the menu item "Mail Texts".