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Privacy and DigiMember

Which cookies does the DigiMember plugin set on my site?

DigiMember sets two cookies on your site, ncore_session and dm_session. Both are essential cookies for the functionality of your site.

NameWhen is it setFunctionDuration
ncore_sessionwhen calling the pagee.g. limiting the number of downloads for download products, serves as protection against XSS injections and passes on errors during login itselfsession
dm_sessionafter loginprotection in case of access via too many IP addresses responsiblesession

Both DigiMember cookies are only related to the respective session, i.e. they are deleted afterwards.

Unfortunately it is not possible to set the cookie ncore_session via DigiMember later. Various DSGVO plugins are able to block it until the cookie is accepted, but we would rather advise against it from a functional point of view, in order not to influence the above mentioned functionalities even before the cookies are accepted.

At this point we would like to mention that WordPress itself also sets cookies on your site, e.g. the two cookies wordpress_123 and wordpress_logged_in_1234 (where 1234 stands for an ID set by WordPress). These are needed, for example, to enable the "stay logged in" functionality on your site.

Do I need a contract data processing with DigiMember? (GDPR)

An order processing is necessary if personal data is passed on or processed. The plugin does not send personal data of your users and customers to us.
Therefore it is not necessary to complete an order processing with DigiMember.

We have no access to the personal data of your members and customers.