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Troubleshooting and error correction

After database migration: Product access no longer works


After a database migration, your users will no longer be able to access the purchased products


These errors may have occurred during the migration:

  • for date time fields that were empty (i.e. had the value NULL), 0000-00-00 00:00:00 was entered by the migration.


To fix the error, you must have direct access to the WordPress database and be familiar with MySQL. That means you must be able to read, understand and execute SQL update statements.

If you are not familiar with MySQL, please assign a database expert to do this task.

To solve the problem, proceed as follows:

After the migration on your new WordPress blog, create a private dummy page. Insert this shortcode there:


This short code generates a list of SQL statements. Please check these statements to see if they really only contain updates and if these updates really only set columns with the value 0000-00-00 00:00:00 to NULL.

If everything is ok, execute the SQL statements on your database.


This guide only solves problems that may occur after a database migration at DigiMember.

With other plugins and themes or with WordPress itself, problems may also occur if date and time fields are not transferred correctly.

It may be necessary to correct other tables with fields of type date, datetime or timestamp, which can be NULL, by replacing the values 0000-00-00 or 0000-00-00 00:00:00 with NULL.

No purchase notifications at Strato


  1. log in to Strato customer service
  2. switch to the hosting package
  3. select the Settings item
  4. select submenu item ServerSide Security
  5. deactivate the item 'Filter for guestbook spam

SSL error when connecting to Digistore24

You want to connect DigiMember to Digistore24 and get an error message like this

Error during HTTP call by CURL (# ... )

Background of the error

There are two possible causes.

1.error message: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

Every SSL certificate (including Digistore24) is signed with a root certificate. This ensures that it is authentic.

Your web server checks the SSL certificate of Digistore24 (or other services).

For this it needs a so-called root certificate bundle, i.e. a collection of root certificates.

If this collection is outdated, your webserver may not be able to check new SSL certificates because it does not have the appropriate root certificate.


The solution is to update the root certificate bundle of your web server.

This is the task of your web provider.

Usually, it will be sufficient to keep the Linux registry of your web server up to date.

If this does not solve the problem, the following way is also possible:

  • Your web provider downloads a current root certificate bundle - e.g. from here :

    WARNING: We do not guarantee the trustworthiness of these certificates - please check them yourself!

  • And in the php.ini curl instruct to use this root certificate bundle: curl.cainfo="/path/to/downloaded/cacert.pem"

2. error message: SSL connect error

In 2014, the HTTPS protocol "SSLv3" was (or simply "SSL") has discovered the so-called "Poodle-Attack" vulnerability. Therefore SSLv3 should no longer be used.

For SSLv3 has been disabled. Instead, the newer and more secure TLS (or TLSv1) is used.

If you get the above error message, your PHP installation (more precisely: the curl module) does not support TLS.


Ask your web provider to enable TLS for the curl module of your PHP installation.

If this is not possible, switch to another web provider that keeps your PHP installation up-to-date. We have had very good experience with the German provider Hetzner for over ten years.

I have a problem with login/login as admin

If you log in as admin via a page with the shortcode [ds_login], you will be redirected to the start page of the product - just like your users.

To prevent this, log in via the URL

Replace with the URL of your blog.

You will then be redirected to the WordPress admin dashboard so that you can fix any errors or problems.

Error: Member pages are not called after login.

To find out where the error is, please follow these steps:

  1. disable all plugins except DigiMember. Disable caching, also on the server side.
  2. activate a default theme
  3. Update the entire system (if necessary, call up updates again manually)
  4. try to reproduce the described error. Attention: Standard theme, no more plugins, no caching.
    5.1 if no error, then activate plugins step by step and test each time
    5.2 if the error persists, contact us with an admin user supportDM and email (send password by email)

Interactions with plugins/themes - who is the culprit?

Before we ship DigiMember, we test it thoroughly.

But there are countless WordPress plugins and themes - and not all of them are up to date or even well and reliably programmed.

If errors occur, we might ask you to check if there is an "interaction" with another plugin or with the theme.

If we know exactly which plugin or theme it is, we can either fix the cause or give the author of the plugin/theme some hints on what to change so that his plugin/theme no longer interferes with other plugins.

Find the culprit

First, please make sure that WordPress, your plugins and your theme are up to date. If updates are available, install them. This may already fix the error.

Check plugins

To find out which plugin is causing the error, please do the following:

  1. disable all plugins except DigiMember Check if the error still occurs. If so, continue with the next section (Check Theme).
  2. activate one plugin after another. After each plugin, check if the error still occurs.
  3. if you have a plugin where the error occurs, disable the plugin. Activate all others. If the error then only occurs with this plugin, but not without, you have the culprit.

If you don't get a result, please check the theme.

Check Theme

Please activate another theme (e.g. Twenteeleven) as a test. Even if the page then looks strange or unusable, please check if the error still occurs. If so, the theme is to blame. Activate your desired theme again after the test.

Are there known problems with other WordPress plugins and themes?

With WordPress plugins can do a lot. This is good because plugins can create many possibilities. But also bad, because every plugin can interfere with every other one.

We have designed DigiMember to be influenced by other plugins as little as possible and to have as little influence on other plugins as possible.

Unfortunately, problems still occur with a few plugins.

There are known problems with these plugins:

Avia Layout Architect (Pagebuilder)

Here there is a little peculiarity when a visitor does not have access to the visited page. If the product's "Troubleshooting (Access Denied)" option is set to "Display a Text" or "Display Login Form", an unchangeable text is displayed instead.

The content is protected correctly.

The "Forward to Page" or "Forward to URL" options work correctly.

Also, the shortcode ds_preview does not work correctly with the pagebuilder. Please use the shortcode ds_if.

Chap Secure Login

With this plugin the login via the DigiMember-Loginform does not work (which is created by the shortcode [digimember_open]digimember_login[digimember_close])

If you absolutely need the Chap Secure Login plugin, it is best for your users to use the login via https://ihre-domä


The MailJet plugin simply overwrites the admin menu entries of other plugins. This means that another plugin may not be visible in the admin menu. If you have installed the MailJet plugin, you may not have a DigiMember entry in the admin menu.

We informed the support of MailJet on 15.01.2013 and suggested a bugfix. MailJet has not responded to this until today.

We recommend not to use the MailJet-WordPress-Plugin together with DigiMember.

For experienced WordPress users: Fix the Mailjet problem.

  • edit the file mailjet-options.php in the directory wp-content/plugins/mailjet-for-wordpress

  • Search the following program code in the file. You will probably find it around line 33.
    This is how you will find the line:

'Manage your mailjet lists and settings',
array($this, 'show_settings_menu'),
plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ ).'/images/mj_logo_small.png',

Change this to exactly this text

'Manage your mailjet lists and settings',
array($this, 'show_settings_menu'),
plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ ).'/images/mj_logo_small.png',

Make sure that you change this one line exactly the same way. Spaces before or after the text do not matter.

  • Test if you can access the WordPress admin area and if all menu items are available.
  • Note that you have to make these changes again after each update of the Mailjet plugin (until the Mailjet support finally fixes the problem.)

Optimize Press 1

If Optimize Press displays protected videos, click here.

WP Super Cache

Sometimes this plugin displays the following message invisibly:

_WP Super Cache is installed but broken. The path to wp-cache-phase1.php in wp-content/advanced-cache.php must be fixed!

This then interferes with Ajax calls, which are needed for login, for example.

We recommend not to use this plugin or to check regularly that the message does not appear invisibly in the HTML code (for this you can view the page source and search for "WP Super Cache is installed but broken").


In connection with this pagebuilder, there is the IPN connection error when testing the connection at Digistore24:

(e.g. if you have set up an opt-in page with lead pages as the start page)

Your server has NOT successfully answered our IPN call.
error code: ERROR
Error message: The IPN call was not successful. Your target server has given a response that indicates an error. You can find the response from the target server under "Contents" below. Please check the answer and contact the technical administrator of your target server if necessary.

The HTTP request is not answered by WordPress (and therefore not by DigiMember) but by Leadpages.

If this is the case, we recommend the following:

  • instead of the connection via the Digistore API, use the old Digistore connection (in DigiMember under Payment Provider, type "Digistore")
  • if you set up the connection in DM, you will receive a new IPN URL
  • for this IPN URL, change the first part before the question mark to : The GET parameters (after the question mark) from the old IPN URL should be retained.
  • You can then test this new IPN URL. Simply call it up in the browser. It must then appear OK
  • You then enter the new IPN URL in Digistore for the IPN connection (type: DigiMember)

Important tip: (If you set up a new system later, it might be easier to pack sales page (Leadpages) and member area (DigiMember) into different WordPress installations (e.g. and

Single Themes

If a theme does not adhere to the WordPress standard, it is possible that logged-in users will not see the correct menu. More info here

If the footer is "Created with DigiMember" (with the affiliate link) is not displayed, the theme you are using does not call the WordPress function wp_footer(), such as the theme NotepadChaos. Only the author of the theme can fix this.

Other errors

If errors not mentioned here occur, the cause may be an interaction with a plugin or theme that is not yet known to us.

To find out who the "guilty party" is, you can find [more info here](#interactions-with-pluginsthemes-who-is-the-guilty party).

In rare cases, it is also due to the way the webspace is set up.

Error message when installing - what can I do

Outgoing HTTP calls blocked by PHP

DigiMember makes HTTP calls to connect autoresponders and to check licenses. Therefore DigiMember only works if HTTP calls are possible by PHP scripts.

If your DigiMember license cannot be activated, HTTP calls for PHP scripts are probably blocked.

Very long WordPress table prefix

You specify this prefix when you install WordPress. By default it is "wp_", but you can enter any value. DigiMember only works if the prefix for the names of the WordPress database tables is not longer than 35 characters. [How to fix this problem](#how-to-change-the-WordPress table prefix)

Other errors

If errors not mentioned here occur, the cause may be an interaction with a plugin or theme that is not yet known to us. Please send us an email at

Email sending does not work. What can I do?

If you have set up SMTP e-mail sending and you tried to send a test mail and the following error message appeared:

"The e-mail to could not be sent. Please check the e-mail address and the e-mail settings. (fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection timed out))"

Then this may be the reason:

You have entered either the user data or the password incorrectly or

G-mail or your mail provider blocks the login because it assumes that it is not authorized.

You'll probably receive an email from your mail provider shortly, asking you to confirm that you agree to the process.

Googlemail for example sends such a message in rare cases:

Activate / Confirm that it is not a hacker attack, but that you are responsible for it and then the SMTP login via DigiMember should also work.

Login does not work despite correct data

Error: Customer tries to log in with his user data, but only the load sign appears and no login page is displayed.

Please implement the following three steps to correct this error:

  1. upgrade to the latest version of DigiMember Here you could check if you have the latest version installed.
  2. disable all other plugins except DigiMember and try if the login works with a username/password you created. If so, reactivate some plugins one after the other and this way locate the plugin that is not working properly.
  3. if the error also exists with all deactivated plugins, then it is most likely due to a cache plugin, such as the "WP Super Cache", which is still "present" even when deactivated. Therefore, configure this plugin correctly or delete it completely by also removing the files in the various folders that this plugin has created.

Did DigiMember make menu items disappear?

Sometimes it happens that the menu items of another plugin disappear when DigiMember is activated.

Usually the reason for the error is that a plugin or theme occupies a certain menu item (e.g. the 7th from the top).

Actually, plugins and themes should simply add their menu items to the bottom.

The error is probably caused by the fact that DigiMember is using the
disappearing menu only under a menu item fixed at a certain position.

This is not DigiMember's fault, but rather the plugin or theme that occupies the fixed menu item space.

To check this, all plugins except DigiMember and the plugin with a disappeared menu item must be deactivated and a default theme (e.g. Twenty-Twelve) must be set.

DigiMember users have told us that the actual cause in the past has been a "Maintencance Mode" plugin. However, the error can also occur with other plugins.

A technical note: The error can occur if a plugin uses the function add_menu_page and specifies a fixed position.

I get the error message "Allowed Memory Size exhausted"

From time to time it can happen that we suddenly get an error message like

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 654321 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12345 bytes) in /srv/www/user/folder/other_folder/file.php on line 123

Or stared at the screen in a similar way.

This is not a bug in DigiMember but results in a memory limitation for website installations of the webspace providers. After all, there are several customers hosted on one server.
This is to prevent that single installations reserve a lot of memory and the other customers get a raw deal.

It is strongly recommended to contact the support of the hoster. There you can usually find out which changes should or may be made. If the support does not offer any or insufficient help, it is possible to set the limit in the file wp-config.php high.

To do so, log in to your account with an ftp client, for example FileZilla and navigate to the main directory of your WordPress installation:

So the file to be changed is wp-config.php.
To open it, please mark it with the right mouse button and click

Click View/Edit to open the editor.

Then enter the following code directly in line 2 after the "<?php":

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '32M');

Save the change and do not forget to transfer the changed file back to the server.