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  • Fix: shortcode block in WP 6.2


  • Feature: the creation of multiple membership area access from one Digistore24 order now possible
  • Feature: IP lock can be removed for a single user
  • Maintenance: license error email text improved
  • Maintenance: feedback dialog improved
  • Maintenance: small security improvement for exams
  • Maintenance: small CSS adaption for WP 6.1
  • Maintenance: small adaption for PHP 8.0 support
  • Fix: problem regarding having many exams on the same page solved
  • Fix: small error in API solved
  • Fix: when duplicating a product, the welcome e-mail text gets duplicated as well


  • Maintenance: changes in German translation for the admin area
  • Maintenance: typos removed
  • Maintenance: broken link repaired
  • Maintenance: Correction feature organization


  • Feature: ds_cancel Shortcode added - creates a button with a link to the generic or order-specific cancel pages from Digistore24
  • Feature: ds_cancel_form shortcode added - creates a form to communicate a generic cancellation desire
  • Feature: improved error handling if login request fails due to the server (e.g. IP locks from Raidboxes)
  • Maintenance: updating the name Klick-Tipp to KlickTipp
  • Maintenance: describing texts improved
  • Maintenance: error handling CSV import improved


  • Feature: first and last name to ds_account shortcode added
  • Feature: Changing first and last name of members is synchronized with autoresponders
  • Feature: Order date is transferred to KlicktTipp as a “date and time”
  • Feature: unlock options extended by “... last published post and all content created since the day of purchase"
  • Maintenance: DigiMember automatically does not load Google Fonts anymore
  • Maintenance: Improvement of Digistore24 connection
  • Maintenance: typo removed
  • Maintenance: small code improvement
  • Fix: problem while using ds_preview with certain menu settings on pages solved
  • Fix: problem while protecting custom post types solved
  • Fix: problem solved for updating first and last names for repeated orders
  • Fix: Strip connection can show more than 10 products


  • Fix: Hotfix - login logging for manual Digistore24 connections


  • Feature: payment provider ID can be configured for CSV import
  • Feature: order deactivation per webhook possible
  • Feature: login logging for Digistore24 orders with 0 days right of revocation
  • Maintenance: error message for Active Campaign improved
  • Maintenance: Stripe payment link implementation updated
  • Maintenance: various warning messages removed
  • Fix: typo in tooltip removed
  • Fix: typo in autoresponder description removed
  • Fix: Compatibility with Elementor - comments can be protected
  • Fix: Problem with sending welcome e-mails with “... only if this is the first order EVER for the given email address” option solved


  • Feature: Zapier - order cancellation and refund now possible
  • Fix: small problem at the “downloads left” counter solved
  • Fix: improved error handling for unusual e-mail formats
  • Fix: Correct display of error pages for time-based activation of pages that are assigned to multiple products
  • Fix: Small code improvement for opening the shortcode list


  • Feature: product URL can be used as a parameter in DigiMember emails
  • Feature: WP nickname can be configured in DigiMember
  • Feature: additional fields can now be send to MailChimp
  • Maintenance: database check for product priority improved
  • Maintenance: database check for e-mail attachments improved
  • Maintenance: multiple code improvements for base functionality
  • Maintenance: feedback form improved
  • Maintenance: spelling improved
  • Fix: Shortcode Designer - URLs are saved correctly
  • Fix: Forms: selection of necessary selections repaired
  • Fix: Problem while sending test emails solved
  • Fix: GetResponse - adding contacts to different lists now possible and additional fixes
  • Fix: CleverReach - DOI won’t be executed again after resubscribing contacts who already accepted
  • Fix: Menus - rare display problem solved


  • Feature: E-Mails - An attachment can be added to the welcome e-mail
  • Feature: Forms - Shortcodes can now directly be copied from the table overview
  • Feature: Shortcodes page offers the possibility to generate shortcodes directly
  • Feature: Error handling - Priority can be set if content is assigned to multiple products
  • Maintenance: Feedback dialog improved
  • Maintenance: Deprecated GetResponse autoresponder configuration removed
  • Maintenance: DigiMember now fully supports emojis
  • Fix: Custom select fields are displayed correctly in DigiMember forms


  • Feature: Custom Fields Shortcode - Blank space before and after the shortcode now customizable
  • Feature: DigiMember Shortcodes added to new WordPress Widget Editor
  • Maintenance: Klicktipp - error handling improved
  • Maintenance: Quentn - error handling improved
  • Maintenance: ActiveCampaign - error handling improved
  • Maintenance: Digistore24 connection UI improved
  • Maintenance: type safety in DigiMember improved
  • Fix: Divi - Multiple UI problems fixed
  • Fix: Custom Fields - Selection field shortcode fixed
  • Fix: Users with a locked account due to exceeding the IP limit cannot ask for a new password anymore


  • Feature: GetResponse - Rest API Version 3 added
  • Fix: shortcode designer - “Forgot your password?” link fixed
  • Fix: shortcode designer - “Copy to clipboard” functionality fixed
  • Fix: Mailjet - List selection now possible for large list count (> 10)
  • Fix: CleverReach REST - ensuring unique order IDs


  • Hotfix: Overwriting of background and link colour in WP backend fixed


  • Feature: DigiMember forms added
  • Maintenance: Support-Info extended with theme name and domain
  • Maintenance: Welcome screen added
  • Maintenance: Menu order improved
  • Fix: Typo in exam text removed


  • Maintenance: Selection of Waiver Declaration improved
  • Maintenance: Unnecessary PHP warning upon DB table creation catched
  • Maintenance: Feedback dialog for DigiMember free improved
  • Maintenance: Log entry for irrevocable deletion of orders added
  • Maintenance: Support-Info URL improved to Support-Info button
  • Maintenance: Duplicate constant definition removed
  • Maintenance: Usability for many Quentn/Maropost Tags (>8 ) improved
  • Maintenance: Custom Fields transmission for ActiveCampaign added
  • Fix: Wrong error message in shortcode designer removed
  • Fix: Error handling for exam certificates improved
  • Fix: Rare problem for sending DigiMember actions fixed


  • Feature: Feedback option for DigiMember Free added
  • Feature: DigiMember If block for Gutenberg Editor added
  • Feature: Synchronisation of Custom Fields to KlickTipp, Quentn and CleverReach added
  • Maintenance: Digistore24 API updated
  • Maintenance: Error handling improved for shortcode designer
  • Maintenance: Exam resetting improved
  • Bugfix: Stripe integration: Pricing in DigiMember corrected


  • Feature: Custom fields can be created and used within the shortcodes ds_account and ds_signup.
  • Maintanance: Usability for many KlickTipp Tags (>8 ) improved.
  • Bugfix: Small fix regarding sequential content activation in combination with fixed product activation.


  • Bugfix: TwentyTwenty Theme: Posts can be protected correctly
  • Maintenance: Error handling for ds_account improved
  • Maintenance: Removing old Stripe integration and improving of new Stripe integration (Stripe Pricing API)
  • Feature: Integration for CleverReach REST API version 3 added


  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with error reporting in Mailchimp
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with older WP versions
  • Bugfix: Inactive products won't be displayed in [ds_products] anymore
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where an empty menu would be displayed on the website after saving a post
  • Bugfix: Various fixes for PHP > 7.4
  • Bugfix: Fixed a redirect issue in the [ds_login] code
  • Feature: Added new stripe integration (old one will continue to work)
  • Feature: Makes it possible to pass keyed values to webhooks
  • Maintenance: Various improvements for page builder plugins
  • Maintenance: Performance improvements in access checks


  • Another fix for Wordpress v5.5 and sending mails when the config is not valid


  • HOTFIX update for Wordpress v5.5
  • Bugfix: Fix for a change in mail sending in Wordpress v5.5
  • Bugfix: Default layouts in shortcode designer were being ignored
  • Bugfix: Incorrect notification about max user count is fixed
  • Maintenance: Made webhook function compatible to OptimizePress 3 forms
  • Maintenance: Increased timeout for fetching digistore products (the request could fail on too many products)


  • Feature: Added sortcode designer
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in sequential unlocks of content
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug when not having account lock message
  • Bugfix: Solved a small issue with Cleverreach
  • Bugfix: Fixed use of deprecated WordPress functions
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with a specific error for incoming payment provider IPNs
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue for getting the error "Headers already sent" while running cronjobs
  • Bugfix: A user would sometimes get an additional product under very specific circumstances
  • Bugfix: Fixed small compatibility issue with PHP 7.4
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with push notifications
  • Bugfix: Makes paypal integration work with subscription buttons


  • Feature: Added API key management for use with Zapier
  • Bugfix: Improved compatibility with various theme builder plugins (including Optimize Press 3, Elementor, etc.)
  • Bugfix: Fixed various design issues
  • Bugfix: Fixed various translation issues
  • Bugfix: Resolved bug with GetResponse integration
  • Bugfix: Solved a problem with not yet unlocked content in menus


  • Maintenance: Improved translations
  • Bugfix: Solved an issue with the login after autojoin
  • Bugfix: Fixed some minor visual glitches
  • Bugfix: Solved a problem with the delayed content release
  • Bugfix: Resolved small issue with the lecture buttons widget
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with sending many mails at the same time


  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with the free version of DigiMember
  • Bugfix: A few visual problems with the new design got fixed
  • Bugfix: Fixed GetResponse auto responder connection
  • Bugfix: Could not select depth level for menus
  • Bugfix: Preview of auto login links for KlickTipp autoresponder did not work
  • Maintenance: Fixed compatibility issue with "All In One WP Security" plugin
  • Feature: Completed auto join function for ActiveCampaign autoresponder


  • Bugfix: Shortcode [ds_days_left] showed old value after a product has been purchased again
  • Bugfix: Shortcode [ds_lecture_buttons] have not been displayed correctly in certain courses
  • Bugfix: Menu widget showed deleted pages under certain circumstances
  • Bugfix: Link in password forgotten email lead to an empty page under certain conditions


  • Feature: Quentn has been added to autoresponders
  • Feature: Gutenberg editor integration has been added
  • Bugfix: Forgot password dialog, after failed login attempt, couldn't be submitted
  • Bugfix: Duplicate email addresses with different casing would cause errors on register
  • Bugfix: Button "Retry exam" would show twice in certain cases
  • Bugfix: Indentation of the menu widget did not reflect content configuration in some cases
  • Bugfix: [ds_invoices] shortcode would show an error when manually created orders were present
  • Bugfix: [ds_invoices] shortcode could cause an error when no digistore connection is present
  • Bugfix: Elementor pages would sometimes not be protected correctly


  • Feature: Improved controls for the content assignment list when many posts / pages are present
  • Maintenance: Mailjet API updated.
  • Maintenance: Improved Thrive Architect compatibility.
  • Bugfix: Protected posts displayed all posts on the blog under certain circumstances.
  • Bugfix: Custom locked user message was not displayed.