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Compatibility with 3rd party plugins


DigiMember tries to position itself as broadly as possible within WordPress. Therefore most plugins & themes are supported without problems. However, there can always occurs problems related to a specific plugin / theme.

In this section we have therefore created a small list of extra plugins that solve these problems in particular.

If your plugin / theme is not listed here, please send us an email to and we will see what we can do.

Astra Theme

In the Astra Theme, if a menu has the addition 'if logged in', no submenus are supported. The following small additional plugin solves this problem.

---> Download <---


There is an additonal plugin to integrate CopeCart within DigiMember.

Here is a link to that plugin and a matching instruction on how to use this plugin.

Note: This is not an integration developed by DigiMember, but it is directly provided by CopeCart.

Divi Theme

Divi's Page Builder unfortunately does not allow whole sections to be protected simply by shortcodes. Therefore we have developed a small extension which allows to protect 'Section' and 'Row' elements directly in the Divi Editor.

---> Download <---


For eLearnCommerce there is a suitable DigiMember integration, which allows the two plugins to communicate with each other even better. This makes it easy to protect the content created in eLearnCommerce with DigiMember and also allows features e.g. delayed activation of content.

Link to the DigiMember integration of eLearnCommerce

Note: This is not an integration developed by DigiMember, but it is directly provided by eLearnCommerce.


For a better cooperation between DigiMember and the Elementor page builder we have developed a small plugin, which not only allows the convenient insertion and use of some DigiMember shortcodes directly in the Elementor builder, but also makes it possible to use Elementor templates as error pages.

We have developed this plugin together with Elementor version 3.1.14.
We cannot guarantee that this plugin will remain compatible with all upcoming updates of Elementor. If you have any problems, please send us an email to with the Elementor version you are using. We will then check this and if possible fix it.
In general, we would advise you to make a backup of your site before updating it, so that you can restore it in the event of any problems.

---> Download <---

Ninja Forms

With this small additional plugin you can assign a product directly when filling out a Ninja form and have the access data sent directly by e-mail to your customer.

The settings for this can be found in the Ninja Forms Plugin under Settings > DigiMember Integration .

---> Download <---

Thrive Apprentice

This small extra plugin enabels DigiMember to protect your Thrive Apprentice courses.

Important Notice: The protection is not enabled using DigiMember > Content. Please do not pair up any Thrive Modules, Chapters or Lessons with any DigiMember product here.

The protection can be enabled in Thrive Apprentice using the "Access Restriction" in each course itself.

Unfourtunatly and due to the programming of Thrive the DigiMember Shortcodes won't work in the Thrive error message.

Hint (2nd december 2020):
This extra plugin was developed and tested with Thrive Apprentice Version
Since we have no influence on the updates of Thrive Apprentice we cannot ensure that we will be able to keep the compatibility up with every future realease. After Thrive Apprentice realeases an update we will try our best to adapt the plugin, if needed. However we would recommend you to make a backup of your website before you are updating Thrive Apprentice.

If you experience any difficulties with other versions, please contact us at

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